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Saturday, October 21st, 2017

AirBoat Tours of Blue Cypress Lake

On a visit to Indian River County, one must take advantage of the nature that abounds here. An airboat tour of the marshlands in the western part of the county could be just the ticket. Airboats are an excellent and efficient way to view some of our nature at its best, and Indian River County is blessed with several tour operators.

From the first cold spell in the fall until the water starts warming up in the spring, Florida’s state reptile, the American alligator, can be seen basking on the levees and in the grass beds of the marsh. Some of the birds start nesting in the middle of winter and others continue nesting until mid-summer when most of the flowers of the marsh are blooming and the alligators are feeding. All year long there is something in the marsh to see.

Sit back and enjoy a guided tour through one of the most pristine pieces of nature in our area. Get some insight into the life of an alligator, the nature and ecology of the marsh, and some history of the area as well. An airboat tour is a safe and exciting way to spend part of your visit to Indian River County. Always take some pictures and create some memories.

By Steve Hayes, Stumpknocker Tours




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