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Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Visit Blue Cypress Lake

The lake received it's name fron the bluish glow off the lake's cypress trees, as the morning sun reflects off the lake's surface.

Blue Cypress Lake is the headwater of the St. Johns River, which flows northward over 300 miles through Jacksonville and eventually out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at 27°45′15″N 80°44′37″W. The lake is 21 mi (34 km) in diameter and it is over 6,500 acres (26 km²) in size. The lake is surrounded by marshes, swamps and cypress forests. 

With an average depth of only 8 to 9 feet it creates an ideal growing condition for aquatic vegetation, which in turn helps to sustain the many species of fish that can be found within the lake. Blue Cypress Lake is a paradise for freshwater fisherman, nature lovers, and bird watchers as well.  

Blue Cypress Park is on the west side of the lake and provides 2 boat launches, a floating dock, parking, 2 covered pavillions, primitive camping, canoeing, hiking, and restrooms.


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